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Informational Links

Beef Informational Interactive Meat Counter gives you more detailed information about the different cuts of beef.- Beef Council

Cooking tips and hints for beef from stir-frying to grilling to oven roasting.- Beef Council

A good site with many beef reciepes and ideas. Beef Council

Health and Nutritution information about beef. - Beef Council

A very informative guide for choosing, buying, storeing, and prepairing beef. - Beef Council

Guide for cuts and cooking pork. - National Pork Board

A good site for Pork Reciepes. - National Pork Board

Nutritional information about pork. - National Pork Board

Pork Forum where users can see other users reciepes and submit their own pork reciepes. - National Pork Board

A must read guide to answer all your questions about buying a whole beef or pork. This guide has alot of information- explains how much meat you will end up with and the types of cuts you will recieve when you purchase a whole beef or pork. -Iowa State University Extension.
Beef Cut Chart, to show you where the cuts come from on the animal. -Angus Association

Pork cut chart to show you where the cuts of pork come from on the animal. - Pork Checkoff

A link to some fun kids farm related games from Yupis,  more kids games from Agame and more fun farm games for kids from Free online games

Some fun games for older kids, Big Farm, FarmeramaGoodgame Big Farm, and a farm simulator